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I purchased a set of the M-2 earplugs at the bike show in Minneapolis along with a couple sets of the premium earplugs.

I have used the M-2’s for 18 hour days on the bike with no issues and after over a year of use, they are showing no signs of wear. These are holding up much better than a previous competitor’s molded earphones. I also use them for flying and like the better sound quality and and reduced noise on long flights.

The only issue I had was when I stepped on them an crushed one of the plugs. I was very pleased with the service I got on the repair and they were as good as new.

I use the premium plugs at work, and at home on the tractor and for shooting.

A very satisfied customer and Mark is the one I will go back to for all of my future earplug needs.

Grady Dunham

I have used my ear plugs for shooting , riding , and work. They way they are molded into my ears works extremely well. The first pair I got was in Sturgis. They did not fit exactly the way I wanted. So when Mark came to Cleveland 6 months later I explained my problem. Without hesitation he made me a new set. They work great.

Ron Bolyard

I sat for a fitting of the formed earplugs at your booth at Black Hills HD in Sturgis recently. I’ve been a longtime user of the Hearos Rock ‘n’ Roll earplugs as they’ve been the most unobtrusive I’d found even though they’re not as effective as I’d like in attenuating the rushing wind noise while riding in my full-face helmet, nor in allowing me to actually hear music at anything above 60 mph.

Upon riding back to my campsite that evening, and the subsequent 1,500 mile ride home several days later, these custom molded earplugs have proven to be everything you and your colleagues said they’d be, including being the most comfortable earplugs I’ve ever used.

This is a high quality product that is well worth the few extra dollars spent. I did opt for the optional ear mold and am seriously considering purchasing the transducer earplugs for a better level of music and GPS while riding.

Thanks so much for a fantastic product and excellent customer service from all involved at the booth in Sturgis.

Darren Thackeray

I have been a police officer for over 15 and have tried to use different types of earpieces and have never found one that was comfortable. I recently was working a motorcycle show and met Mark Hood, he explained to me how they work and how comfortable they are. I decided to give it a try and could not be any happier. This by far is the best earpiece I have used. Very comfortable, fits like a glove and blocks out a lot distracting noises. I would highly recommend purchasing one from Inearz.


I just purchased a pair of 3 year warranty ear plugs. At BMW MOA Das Rally. On my first ride 10 hours back to Virginia on Sunday. I loved them. I have tried all kinds of foam and rubber ear plugs. None are comfortable after 2 hours or come close to the hearing protection. The crowd at your booth versus the other ear plug booths speaks volumes. I can’t wait till the Washington D.C. Progressive Motorcycle Show in January to get a spare pair.

David L Smith Jr

Purchased custom ear plugs from the guys back in 2004 at the fall Myrtle Beach Bike Rally. One month ago I somehow misplaced the plugs and had to get another pair. Had Mark fit me for the new plugs at the Laughlin River Run last weekend in Laughlin, NV.

These plugs work great by reducing the wind and road noise to a low hum while riding and by controlling the screaming baby syndrome when I fly. Will recommend Fit-Ear to everyone as the product is of extremely high quality (first pair was going strong after 12 years) and the service is courteous and very professional.

This is some of the best $$ I’ve ever spent……twice.

Thank you again.


our were right! Your custom-fit earplugs made all the difference in the world for me while motorcycling with my husband! I did everything I could think of before to deal with the wind issue that ruined most of our outings, but now..,I just put my earplugs in and no more wind! LOVE ‘EM!! Great product! Thanks!

Deb M.

I Ordered a pair of the M-1 ear phones at the International Motorcycle Show, January 2015. Received them yesterday. Fit under a tight fitting motorcycle helmet no problem and they have great sound. This is a great product.

Steven Chen

I purchased a pair of these at Gillette BMWMOA rally last year.I can not say enough about them as I have had a competitor’s item that there is no comparison. I could only wish I had met up with your company earlier. The fit is excellent, very comfortable and the hard slick outer surface does not grab or stick to my helmet. I have worn these for 8 hours in the saddle with no problems from soreness. Also the fit is such that more wind noise is cancelled so even with no music it is quiet. I wish to thank you for the time you took with all my questions.

You are truly a professional! Hope to see you on the road.

Charlie P.

My husband and I both bought our custom fit headphones from Mark in Washington DC at an International Bike show. It’s one of the best decisions you can make as a biker to invest in… least we think so. The noise blocking, and sound quality that comes from these custom made pieces are exceptionally amazing. The workmanship is precise and perfect really. Marks persistence and diligence in customer satisfaction is quite remarkable. There’s lots of products to choose from…..I strongly recommend to anyone….look no further… you found the right place. Thanks Mark!!

Marie Butler

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my M-2 ear plugs. I was a little skeptical of wearing hard ear plugs since I spend long days in the saddle. Not only are they comfortable all day but the sound quality is excellent.

The quality of the ear plugs is only exceeded by the customer service. I related that I had lost a pair of budget earplugs and without hesitation you were making me a new pair and wouldn’t except payment. Well a little over a year after I received the M-2 plugs I managed to break one (completely my fault). Less than a week after giving them to you at the DC IMS show I received a phone call with an estimate, another issue was discovered in the lab and nothing additional was done until after I approved the repair. All was done within the original estimate and I got them back in a very quick turn around. They are just like new and I couldn’t be happier.

Wayne L.