Darren Thackeray


I sat for a fitting of the formed earplugs at your booth at Black Hills HD in Sturgis recently. I’ve been a longtime user of the Hearos Rock ‘n’ Roll earplugs as they’ve been the most unobtrusive I’d found even though they’re not as effective as I’d like in attenuating the rushing wind noise while riding in my full-face helmet, nor in allowing me to actually hear music at anything above 60 mph.

Upon riding back to my campsite that evening, and the subsequent 1,500 mile ride home several days later, these custom molded earplugs have proven to be everything you and your colleagues said they’d be, including being the most comfortable earplugs I’ve ever used.

This is a high quality product that is well worth the few extra dollars spent. I did opt for the optional ear mold and am seriously considering purchasing the transducer earplugs for a better level of music and GPS while riding.

Thanks so much for a fantastic product and excellent customer service from all involved at the booth in Sturgis.