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  • Air Tube Earpiece

    This custom communication mold is made for police, fire rescue, security and other occupational applications involving sound transfer from a remote transducer device to the ear. Used in 2-way radio, applications to increase the sound quality and accuracy of communications.

    The Earmold is available in vented or non vented styles. The vented style provides limited reduction of ambient sound approximately 5-9 dba with perception of outside sound.

  • Clarity Aloft Earmolds

    The Clarity Aloft Adapters are custom earpieces that adapt the transducer packet of the recreational communication headset to custom, to improve fit, sound transfer and ease of use.

  • Pilots Earmold

    This earpiece adapts a commercial pilot microphone for communication.

  • Sonic Valve Earplugs

    This protection product is a non-mechanical device that reduces the effects of noise through a circular chamber style filter. Sound travels through a spiral narrowing filter to reduce the impact of sound movement into the ear canal and ear drum. Provides natural sound while protecting. Reduction is approximately 21-22 dba of ambient sound.